Quote of the Week: Personal Flight


April 18, 2013

“The first footage I saw of the Martin Jetpack was interesting to me as an aviator, but it was clearly limited in its commercial application. Recently, the company achieved a number of flight technology breakthroughs with their latest generation Jetpack and that’s when I really sat up and took notice. The teams have created an aircraft that is fast, agile, and stable with a huge number of applications across a number of sectors.”


Who said it: Peter Coker CEO of Martin Jetpack


In Context: The quote appeared in a press release this week. In a local news report the venture-capital backed New Zealand based Martin Aircraft Company was said to be mulling an IPO. It is about to release the First Responder Jetpack, a personal flight developed for police, search and rescue and other government uses. A slightly modified version, the Personal Martin Jetpack, would be released in 2015. The company is raising funds of ahead of a potential IPO this year. The public offer is to fund the establishment of manufacturing operations and sales and marketing staff around the world.


It is not the only jetpack company on the market. Jetlev’s water-propelled Jetpack has also been getting a lot of press lately. It looks like personal flight is not only the stuff of cartoons and Hollywood movies.


Where we found it: Martin Jetpack website

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