Quote of the Week: PE’s Consistent Beat


October 16, 2014

“We [the PE industry] have been written off time and time again but we are still here because we consistently beat the market.”


Who said it: Brad Coleman, Global head-alternative assets group at CitiGroup


In Context: Coleman was quoted in a report about this month’s Wharton San Francisco Capital Summit. He made the comment about the longevity and performance of PE in front slides showing media headlines about the pending demise of PE over the past decades. He was one of several high profile industry executives that spoke the why endowments, insurers, Sovereign Wealth funds, and other institutional investors continue to allocate significant portions of their assets into PE, particularly US LPs, and why such LPs favor big name brands like Carlyle, KKR and TPG. The claim was made that Private Equity keeps beating the S&P 500, without the article naming the source. It’s a metric that may be true for some top quartile PE players but not all. (Image source: Citigroup)


Where we found it: Wharton

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