Quote of the Week: Sales Booster


March 12, 2013

“We weren’t planning on doing an A round before this summer, but we saw some great momentum in the fourth quarter of 2012, and decided to add a little rocket fuel.”


Who said it: Jason Wesbecher CEO of Handshakez in an interview in AllThingsDigital


In Context: The CEO of Handshakez, a salesforce productivity web software startup, just raised a first round of venture capital to finance the growth of the business. Its software attracted VC because of its traction in the market. it has already signed up several big names in IT, such as Corel and WinZip, while eference customers have noted remarkable results from using the application, which “moves interaction between customers and businesses out of the normal channels like email and into a private collaborative space on the Web”, such as a 45% increase in deal size and a reduction of data entry time. Every interaction is measured and assigned a value that gets reinterpreted as a “temperature.” The values are then shared within Salesforce.com and create an additional signal on the status of the customer relationship. It is an enhancement to lead-scoring and solves reporting issues. People on sales teams might underreport the nature of their relationship with the customer, or they might make it look better than it is.


Where we found it: AllThingsDigital

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