Quote of the Week: Tapping the XX Factor


November 6, 2014

I think the next Steve Jobs may well be a woman. The reason I say that is for so much of the world women are an untapped talent resource and more and more women are getting technical educations.


Who said it: John Sculley, angel investor and former Apple and Pepsico CEO


In Context: Sculley made the comment about women in tech after being asked if he’d met the next Steve Jobs. He also said in his response, “I don’t think I’ve met the next Steve Jobs yet but fortunately I met the first one”. When asked about the qualities required in tech businesses, Sculley said the kind of person that is “able to connect the dots and bring together various domains of expertise” is needed. He is suggesting a more diffuse-mode focus, able to grasp a wide range of inputs, rather than a relentless focus on a narrower number of domains is important for today’s business environment. Sculley , who is a youthful 75 year old, was speaking at the Web Summit conference in Dublin to promote his investments, and his new book called Moonshot. (Image source: Web Summit Day One Youtube)


Where we found it: ibitimes

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