Quote of the Week : Turning the Table on the Elevator Pitch for Startups


September 5, 2013

We wanted to create a physical event where investors would be in the spotlight, explaining more about who they are as a person and how they can help besides just providing a cash injection to startups. … Also, at entrepreneur-related conferences participating investors typically remain somewhat anonymous…

 Who said it: Arjen Strijker, Founder of Capital On Stage

In Context: We hope you don’t mind that we chose a quote that highlights the innovation of one of DealMarket’s latest clients. We are proud of our clients, like Capital on Stage, who are spearheading the evolution of global private equity and want to highlight it here. In this interview with David Teten, Arjen Strijker describes how his conference turns the table on the way a founder of a startup can get closer to VCs when fundraising. It is different from other conferences, because Capital on Stage flips the traditional pitching model. As readers know typically a startup pitches for money at a rate of one investor per week or even per month. At Capital on Stage, twenty investors present themselves in five minute elevator pitches – no powerpoint allowed to an audience of qualified startup founders. Their presentations give valuable insight to any founder looking to raise private capital. The quality of the audience is high. Only 20 venture capitalists and up to 200 tech startup founders (ready for funding above seed-stage) receive an invitation. Investors are selected up front, and exclusively invited via word of mouth, mostly via existing VCs in the network. Startup founders apply using an automated format, based on DealMarket technology. The rules of engagement are one founder per company and founder needs to provide proof of actually being ready to get funded. Besides that, they are all screened on having an existing company, product, and/or team in place. Access is not granted to someone with just “an idea” – if they allowed that, then the entire world population would qualify. (Image Source: about.me/arjenstrijker)

Where we found it: Forbes

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