Quote of the Week: Veteran VC Downloads into Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame


August 30, 2012

“It’s been a long, strange trip from the capital region to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Roger McNamee.”


Who said it: Journalist, Paul Gondahl


In Context Roger McNamee is a veteran venture capital investor (late stage) who co-founded Elevation Partners and earlier in his career high profile tech investor Silver Lake Partners. He also sings and plays bass for Moonalice, a rock band that recently donated its digital records to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The records are “important”, says the report because Moonalice has achieved two million direct downloads of one of its songs and claims to be the first track to go multiplatinum purely based on direct downloads from a band’s website.  A band press release says that the band developed the software that enables independent vendors to provide song downloads and other video, webcast and sound features effectively competing with the likes of iTunes and Amazon.  Dealmarket Digest notes that McNamee is on the boards of National Geographic Ventures, the aforementioned Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Museum, and the Rex Foundation. (Image Source: Moonalice.com)


Where we found it: Times Union newspaper via Bloomberg Brief: Private Equity.

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