Quote of the Week: With Asia Exits Weakening, PE Poised to Invest


March 5, 2015

It is not a great time to exit. Markets are pretty choppy. IPOs are hard to access. Trade buyers are somewhat better. I would say this is a good time to be investing, rather than divesting, although we try to do both each year if we can.“

Who said it: Jean Eric Salata, Chief Executive, Founding Partner Baring Private Equity Asia

In Context: In an interview with CNBC, Jean Salata talked at length about PE and Asia, as a representative of the largest PE fund manager targeting Asia with USD 9 billion. He’s bullish on investments this year due to market “dislocations” (slowing economic growth in China). He sees opportunities to buy businesses ripe for transformation and operations optimization. He points out that Barign made a billion worth of investments in India in 2013 at a time when others were more risk-averse. He also talked about the dry powder issue, which he says is overblown. In fact, Salata said, the amount of dry powder is almost equivalent to what gets invested on annual basis in Asia in recent years, including new and old money raised.

Where we found it: CNBC on Yahoo

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