SAP Boosts Technology M&A


December 9, 2011

Germany enterprise software company SAP is buying for USD 3.4 billion SuccessFactors, a vendor of cloud computing software and services. This is the third large-sized transaction for a company that is better known for making a large number of much smaller sized acquisitions.


Bloomberg points out that SAP has spent USD 9 billion on two takeovers in the past year, which is significant as SAP does not have a track record of spending lavishly on M&A activity, compared to Oracle, for example. Oracle has spent more than USD 42 billion on takeovers since the beginning of 2005. The other recent acquisition for SAP was in May last year when it bought Sybase, a maker of mobile-device applications, for USD 5.8 billion. SAP’s largest prior transaction was to acquire Business Objects for EUR 4.8 billion in 2007.

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