Sequoia Tops VC IPO Pipeline Ranking by CB Insights


March 21, 2013

In its Tech IPO Pipeline Report, CB Insights identified 472 tech companies with valuations greater than USD 100 million, as potential tech IPO candidates. It subsequently detailed the top investors in Tech IPO Pipeline companies providing a view into which VCs are best at investing in technology high fliers.


The top three VCs in the new risk adjusted ranking by CB Insights are Sequoia, Intel Capital, and Accel partners. The report analyzed the venture capital investors behind the Tech IPO Pipeline using a rather complicated methodology that aims to reveal a so-called risk-adjusted investor effectiveness ratio.


The ratio sought to (1) reward investors who invested early in Tech IPO Pipeline companies and (2) not penalize investors who make many investments (seed deals for instance). Based on pure volume of IPO candidates, Intel Capital tops the ranking.

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