Shoes, Handbags, and Mascara: Private Equity’s High Fashion Passion


November 14, 2013

Over at the WSJ’s MoneyBeat, a young reporter has undertaken an unusual assignment to live a week without touching or using anything owned by a private equity investor.


She’s had to toss out her mascara and stop using Twitter and avoid certain blockbuster movies at the cinema. We assume, the point being that private equity has become so integral to the economy that it has stakes in almost every area of consumer and business endeavor.


One thing is certain is that private equity has a passion for fashion brands. Several PE bidders have stepped to acquire a EUR 850 million stake in Versace that is on the blocks, according to the FT, which also makes it DealMarket Digest’s buyout deal of the week.


According to the WSJ, the dollar value of investment by private equity firms in retail apparel companies rose nearly ten-fold last year to USD 5.5 billion, citing data from Dealogic. (Image source: Versace website)

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