SPEAKiPLAY offers a smart way to learn a foreign language


May 31, 2013

SPEAKiPLAY presents the first video game for practicing foreign languages


SPEAKiPLAY is the 1st ever video game for practicing foreign languages – European, Chinese and Japanese – for Smartphone, Desktops and Tablet PCs. The game is made for anyone learning or needing to practice foreign languages.  Our job is to make it easy to overcome “speaker’s block” and go beyond basic words and straight into usual language usage.  Solving memorizing problem: during courses, in books, we just repeat words and expressions again and again. Actually, long-term memory builds up the same way we’ve all learnt our native tongue, which is through emotive association and expressions.

Regarding existing education solutions, SPEAKiPLAY

• is a complementary tool for practicing every day phrases for socializing
• is an actual gameplay with challenges to surmount
• takes place in a virtual universe context to improve long-term memory

The worldwide language training sales is about US$ 100 billions and video games worldwide sales in 2008 was about US$ 8,6 billions with a growth + 50% per year. 1/3 of educational games are dedicated to foreign languages, the game industry forecasts sales will reach US$10 billions by 2015 with a growth rate forecast of 47% per year. Further 56% of corporate e-learning budget is dedicated to languages courses and methods. SPEAKiPLAY has for ambition to become the reference in foreign language practice in the uprising entertainment and e-education market

SPEAKiPLAY is a living-abroad experience for a 50€ subscription including twelve 20 minutes episodes that unfold like a TV series.


For more information, please visit Dealmarket.com

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