Swiss FinTech Start-up Scene

Switzerland – an important FinTech Hub in the near Future?


November 11, 2015

New Study by Roland Berger and Swiss Finance Startups

Switzerland must seize the FinTech opportunity now!

Download the Swiss FinTech Study here

·      The rapid worldwide development of startups in the FinTech industry will lead to significant shifts in the global financial industry.

·      Innovations in the FinTech area lead to a fragmentation of the value chain and thus drive the specialization and cooperation between established financial service providers and the FinTech startups even further.

·      Switzerland’s financial center offers a promising starting point for FinTech companies. Compared to the leading FinTech hubs (eg. London or Silicon Valley), Switzerland is still well behind expectations.

·      Around three-quarters of the surveyed Swiss FinTech companies indicate that they would like to sell their products and services also in Europe.

·      For the development of the FinTech Hub Switzerland innovative collaborations, a healthy competition and first success stories are of crucial importance.

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