Banks in Brazil & the UK Preparing for Fintech Revolution

Banks in Brazil & the UK Preparing for Fintech ...

The digital revolution has changed the banking sector and more change is to come with fintech startups. Big shifts are currently taking place everywhere, but Brazil and the UK are preparing to be disrupted big time. Many experts believe the banking sector in these countries won’t be the same soon.   Brazil’s banking might go through the biggest change   [...]


Private Equity Must Market to Family Offices to Keep...

  Private equity funds need to start increasing their marketing efforts to individual investors and family offices. These two investor types are continuing to increase their equity share in private equity funds and firms that miss out on these investments could risk losing out the fundraising wars.   The Rising Power in Private Equity   Individual investors together with family [...]


Carlyle Group Plans Emerging Markets Refocus

While the overall trend relating to emerging markets has generally been to look away from them in recent weeks and months, a number of the leading players in the private equity (PE) sector are refocusing their efforts towards these destinations.   The main trend we’re seeing is that, instead of taking a blanket approach to emerging markets, which had largely [...]


Hamilton Lane Bucks Trend with Brazil Fund

While private equity (PE) managers and investors seek opportunities outside of emerging markets and try to exit the investments they do have in these locations, Philadelphia headquartered Hamilton Lane is continuing its investment love affair with Brazil that originally began in 1997.   Private Equity News has reported on the closure of Hamilton Lane’s latest fund, dubbed a “fund of [...]


Investors Deserting Brazil for Alternative Latin ...

While interest in the private equity (PE) markets of the BRIC nations has been strong in recent years, these countries are starting to see splits in how opportunities there are viewed. Russia and India continues to attract investment owing to the opportunities that still exist there.   While China’s economy is viewed as strong, many investors are turning away from [...]


PE Firms to Refocus Attention to Emerging Markets

Doubts over the sustainability of many emerging markets around the world have kept many investors looking to capitalise on their existing portfolios rather than seeking and entering new deals.   However, there are signs that some of the big players in the private equity (PE) industry are starting to sharpen their focus back towards emerging markets. With so many different [...]


Lack of IPOs in Brazil offers PE opportunities

A cooling economic growth rate, which affects valuations, and closed IPO market, which limits available capital for business to use for growth investments, is making PE more attractive in Latin America, writes Euromoney in an article that discusses the latest research from Latin American Venture Capital Association (Lavca).   Noteworthy is that fundraising is up 100% over the same period [...]


PE Giants Increase Exposure to Brazil

There may have been news this week of a stalled IPO market in Brazil (see Reuters), but the country is definitely not slow to attract private equity giants. BW reports that Goldman Sachs is returning to Brazil with the intent to invest in private companies in the infrastructure, commodities and telecommunications sectors with hopes of achieving up to 35% returns. [...]