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Fintech Firm Pushes the Banking Boundaries

Fintech Firm Pushes the Banking Boundaries

A mobile-only financial institution has taken a move towards acquiring a bank charter in the US. The fintech firm called Varo Money has filed a formal application and hopes to become a national bank. This private equity backed fintech firm is yet another firm to push the banking boundaries – while the authorities are trying to keep up with the [...]

Banks in Brazil & the UK Preparing for Fintech Revolution

Banks in Brazil & the UK Preparing for Fintech ...

The digital revolution has changed the banking sector and more change is to come with fintech startups. Big shifts are currently taking place everywhere, but Brazil and the UK are preparing to be disrupted big time. Many experts believe the banking sector in these countries won’t be the same soon.   Brazil’s banking might go through the biggest change   [...]


The New Digital Tipping Point

Since readers of DealMarket Digest are already early adopters of online platforms and services, we chose to digest a report about how banking is following that trend too.   PWC says in a report published this week that digital banking is set to overtake branch networks as the main way customers interact with their bank by 2015. The report finds [...]