Technology M&A Focus on Smaller Deals


May 30, 2013

An article about Apple’s M&A strategy in Bloomberg’s All Things Digital highlights a trend that sees technology industry strategic buyers ready to do M&A but not necessarily large deals.


Apple’s acquisitions in the past year or so number nine deals, but they’ve been so small they don’t have to disclose them, according to All Things Digital. A study by E&Y on M&A this year says that concerns over conducting large transformative deals dominate the M&A landscape.


Technology dealmaking grew by 58% year-on-year to USD 36.4b, according to Ernst & Young’s Global technology M&A update: January – March 2013, in an article published in Lawyer Monthly. The announced mega deal to take Dell private for USD 24.4 billion was what caused the big jump. As the graphic above shows, deal volume fell 12% YOY and 5% compared with the previous quarter to 661 deals. Aggregate disclosed value would have fallen by 48% if not for the Dell deal announced in February. (Image source: E&Y)

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