The Best and Worst Places in the World for Creating a High-tech Startup


October 19, 2012

Ever wonder where the best places are to set up high-tech companies? This year it is Finland, Switzerland, and the US that came out on top.  Cientifica has come up with a methodology and published the results in its annual EmTech index (an excerpt is shown here), which highlights the best, and worst places to set up an emerging technology business based on data generated by the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Competitiveness Report.


There were some changes in this year’s ranking compared to last year. Israel and Japan are slipping slightly this year while Singapore is rising as a major hub of both technology and business. In the Middle East, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have entered the top 30.


Cientifica points out that in 2006 the United States was clearly the best place in the world to start an emerging technology business, and many did. Good institutions, a history of collaborative research, plenty of venture capital and a huge domestic market made it the place to do business. The biggest decliner in recent times is India, dropping from 18th to 29th in contrast with the other Asian giant, China, which has moved from 29th to 24th.


In Africa, South Africa and Kenya are the best choice, while Brazil and Chile lead in South America. In Europe Switzerland, Finland and Sweden are the best locations. The worst place in the world for emerging technology companies is Yemen, followed by Haiti and Sierra Leone, according to the ranking. In Asia it is Nepal, while the bottom ranking European country is Moldova. (Image source: Cientifica)

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