The PE View on Global Economic Trends and Fundraising


November 2, 2012

E&Y polled a panel of 100 PE investors in August through September 2012 to find out their sentiment on the global economy and fundraising. Here are some of the findings:


– PE investors are less optimistic about the global economy than they were six months ago. Only a quarter (23%) believe that the global economy is improving, down from 46% in April.


– The majority of PE firms (89%) and companies (85%) expect the current global economic landscape to persist for up to two years.


– Seventy-five percent of GPs say the fund-raising environment will improve or remain the same globally over the coming year.


– The current view on fundraising is more optimistic with 33% of respondents indicating their expectations have improved in the last year. Forty-two percent say those expectations have remained the same. (Image source: E&Y)

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