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The Rise Of Online Private Equity Deal Platforms


February 6, 2015

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Financier Worldwide spoke with Urs Haeusler, chief executive of DealMarket AG, about the rise of online private equity deal platforms.

FW: How do you account for the rise of online private equity platforms? What are the trends that have led to this rise?

Haeusler: The volume of deals has been the main driver, though the highly globalised investment marketplace, and transparency with high quality information, tracking of deal flow and deal status, as well as the need for fast due diligence, have all contributed. Competition is tougher than ever, and an online tool helps an investor or entrepreneur to identify the deal they want and get moving quicker than with traditional methods. As with everything online, from social media to cloud workspace, having a private equity platform online means investors and entrepreneurs can always find the information they need. There is no longer a need for every stakeholder to be available and in the same place at the same time to get deals moving.

FW: What advantages can investors gain from using online PE platforms?

Haeusler: For starters, an investor network is immediately expanded, with the chance to meet new connections and explore opportunities even if they don’t ultimately result in a deal. Many investors might not invest today, but make a connection that pays dividends two years later. In terms of the investments themselves, it is really all about the transparency. As well as structured and specific deal information, an easy to search platform, shared workspace, instant access to M&A databases, intelligence services on demand, and the opportunity to do deals faster, anywhere in the world.

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