The Traits of Family Wealth Managers That Make Money… and Lose it


April 16, 2014

Todd Ganos, founder of Integrated Wealth Counsel, has published in Forbes a four part series of articles on family office wealth management. We digested the four articles here and included a graphic from SEI Investments Management Corporation that shows a Diversified Portfolio in light green compared to large cap basket in dark green and other index-based investment pools in orange.


– Make money by keeping assets intact and pooling family capital


– Lose Money by investing only in public equities and stock picking


– Make Money by disciplined portfolio management by diversifying


– and understanding asset allocation strategies (what percentage of investments goes into equities, real estate, commodities, hedge funds, and bonds)


– Lose Money by taking the short term-view and being impatient. Money is lost when managers forget that diversification is a long-term investment strategy that should not be judged by short-term metrics.


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