Tiger21 Says Smart Money Favors Private Equity


January 23, 2014

In an effort to follow the smart money and its relationship to private equity, we viewed an interview with Tiger21 founder on CNBC this week. Private equity was a popular investment choice last year for Tiger 21’s high net worth (HNW) members to the tune of about 21% of assets under management, according to Michael Sonnenfeldt.


Tiger21 is an investment club of sorts whose members, many of whom are HNW entrepreneurs and seasoned business angels, pay USD 30,000 in annual membership fees to belong to what Tiger21 calls a peer to peer network. Sonnenfeldt said that publicly traded stocks are interesting at the moment, but his wealthy clients are more interested in private equity because these “aren’t passive investments”. There is an “opportunity to roll up our shirt sleeves and get involved”, and it is “where people can use their skills”, he said. (Image source: CNBC )

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