Top-end cosmetic club aiming for customers with high purchasing power


May 31, 2013

Invest in the leading online beauty and cosmetic club in Turkey


Vanilya Club  is the online beauty and cosmetic club where customers can discover and buy beauty products and book beauty appointments online.  The club is where high-end beauty brands and beauty salons can acquire new customers; whereas customers can discover and buy high quality products and services. Beauty Box Subscription is a word of mouth marketing driven business. If attrition is controled, it will grow very quickly. In the past 18 months, Vanilya Club collected TL 307K subscription fee and made a gross profit of TL 67K (%22)

Vanilya Club is aboutto create a company that will dominate the beauty market looking for $30o.000 in return of %10 with a  ROI  x25 / 5 years by targeting a company with $75Million valuation.
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