Top Fifteen in Fifteen: Kiplinger Highlights Growth Businesses


January 29, 2015

The businesses whose stocks have shown top performance consistently over the past fifteen years, based on data from Morningstar, are not tech stocks as we might expect given how often tech companies appear in business media headlines, according to Kiplinger. Rather it is a diverse range of quick-growing businesses, including one that sells coffee and coffee-related products, to a high-end kitchen equipment manufacturer, the maker of Uggs boots along with several healthcare and mining and energy companies making the ranking too. The graphic here shows the top performers from the end of 1999 through December 10, 2014. Performance was measured based on total returns, dividends included. Only companies with current market capitalizations of at least USD 1 billion are included. The list excludes companies that were acquired over the past 15 years. (Image source: Kiplinger)

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