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JP Morgan Eyeing a UK Fintech Business

JP Morgan Eyeing a UK Fintech Business

The US bank has been relatively quiet in the acquisition department ever since the financial crash. However, it has regained confidence and according to reports, is now approaching a UK fintech business. Worldpay Group could become the bank’s biggest acquisition.   Preliminary approaches   Fox Business reported the board of Worldpay admitting the US bank has made a preliminary approach [...]


Private Equity Investment Up by 64% in India

Private equity investment in India is booming, according to the latest report by Grant Thornton. The report shows PE investment jumped by 64% in value terms in May. The region attracted $663 million worth of private equity investment during the month, driven by big-ticket investments.   Deal value improving, but deal numbers declining   While the deal value increased in [...]


Can Fintech Conquer the B2B Sector?

When it comes to investing in the financial sector, venture capital and private equity have long been less keen on interesting in B2B companies. But McKinsey & Co’s latest research suggest things might be changing and investors are now targeting financing solution for both buyers and suppliers, together with automated account management tools. Can fintech conquer the B2B sector?   [...]

Are Silicon Valley’s VCs Losing Interest in Fintech?

Are Silicon Valley’s VCs Losing Interest in ...

Fintech has been booming in recent years. Investors of all kinds have flocked towards the industry and new fintech startups have been popping up all over the globe. But a recent Inc. post suggests Silicon Valley’s VCs might be losing interest.   VCs not as big of a player in fintech   Fintech companies had a surge in investment from [...]


Modest Start to Global Fintech Investment in Q1 2017

KPMG has published its Pulse of Fintech, which covers the global fintech industry performance for Q1 of 2017. KMPG’s research finds global fintech investment to have a modest, yet solid start to the year, with a few strong performers to lead the way.   Global fintech investment falls slightly   The KMPG research shows the first three months of the [...]


MoneyGram Gets a Sweetened Deal from China

The US fintech firm MoneyGram has received an increased buyout deal from China’s Ant Financial. The reports suggest the Chinese company increased its bid to buy the fintech firm by 36%, but regulatory hurdles are still on the horizon.   Improving the bid to acquire the fintech firm   Ant Financial, which is an Alibaba subsidiary, has offered to buy [...]


Cinven to Sell ‘Zombie’ Life Assurer

  Private equity firm Cinven could be about to sell the life insurance group, Guardian Financial Services, to another UK insurer. Reports on Thursday confirmed Phoenix is exploring to possibility of an acquisition – the deal could potentially exceed £1 billion.   Cinven’s Decision to Sell   The private equity firm bought Guardian Financial Services in 2011 from the Dutch [...]


Should PE owners of Worldpay list or sell?

The payment processing company, Worldpay, announced last week it is preparing for an IPO. But reports over the weekend suggest the PE-backed company might receive a bid from JP Morgan. The British company, Worldpay, announced last week it is preparing for an initial public offering, but reports over the weekend suggest the company might yet to go down a different route. Whatever [...]


Private Equity-Led Consortium Buys Australian ...

The consumer-lending arm of GE Capital Australia has been sold to a consortium led by private equity firm KKR. The financial unit, which is operating in Australia and New Zealand, provides personal loans, credit cards and interest-free retail finance services. The deal’s value stood at $6.3 billion.   Consortium of Financial Giants The consortium is led by the US-based private [...]


Buoyant: MENA M&A Gains Momentum

First quarter M&A dealmaking in the Middle East (excl. Israel) was up to USD 2 billion, double the Q4 2013 value of USD 1bn, according to mergermarket data. The region is definitely trending upward after hitting a low in 2011. The report said that a mere five transactions up 85.3% of the total M&A value in the region during Q1 [...]


CEOs Get M&A Fever Again

Global M&A activities grew in the first three months of the year by 23% compared to the same period last year, up to USD 804.5bn  compared to USD 655.8bn. The Dealogic data show that the size of individual M&A deals is expanding, while total number transactions are on the decline. It looks like CEOs are spending larger, and more willing [...]

Global M&A Stats Show Private Equity is Finding the Exit

Global M&A Stats Show Private Equity is Finding...

The latest data from Dealogic reveals that M&A exit volume by private equity and venture capital investors is  USD 30.4bn in 2014 YTD, more than double the $14.0bn announced in 2013 YTD and the highest YTD volume since 2007 (USD 31.4bn). In contrast to volume however, global exit activity is down 27% to 80 deals so far in 2014 from [...]

Global M&A Up Slightly in 2H2103 and PE Exits Improve

Global M&A Up Slightly in 2H2103 and PE Exits ...

Merger and Acquisition activity in the second half of 2013 was in a “strikingly similar position” to the same period in 2012, says mergermarket’s latest report on dealmaking. Value declined 3.3% year-on-year (YoY) to USD 1.2tn, while volume edged up 3.2% to 7,177 deals. Exit activity increased globally in the latter half of 2013 by 19% YoY by volume to [...]


Global M&A Trends: Expansion and ...

Globally M&A dealmaking was down in October both in volume and number of deals, according to the Merrill Monthly M&A Insider report published in November. But some regions are showing robustness. For example, China Daily reports  that a drive towards internationalization is underlying M&A activity in China, positioning China to overtake Japan as the leading country doing overseas M&A this [...]


PE Pops but Global M&A Drops

Global private equity investment was up in the first half of this year, according to Zephyr’s latest research. “The results went some way to making up for the disappointing M&A figures,” say its analysts pointing to a 14 per cent increase in value to USD 200 billion.   That is an increase of USD 175 billion over the same period [...]