US IPO Window Opens in October


October 19, 2012

Improved market conditions have led to a wave of IPOs in October 2012, according to the latest research from Preqin, particularly in the US where 31 companies backed by PE or VC investors have filed to raise capital.


Bearish market condition elsewhere mean that only six European PE- and VC-backed companies have filed to list in the coming weeks, and a further five for Asia and Rest of World.


Preqin says that 19 companies backed by PE or VC funds have already completed IPOs in October (or follow-on share sales), raising USD 4 billion. The figures put the fourth quarter in a position to close ahead of the same period last year, as well as the previous quarter when USD 6 billion was raised, but quite a long way from the IPO activity of the post-Lehman height of Q2 2011, when 79 companies backed by PE and VC fund raised USD 33.8 billion, or the Facebook-led Q2 2012, when USD 27.6 billion was raised.

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