VC and PE Distributions Hit a High


October 30, 2014

The amount of capital that VC funds returned to LPs in the first quarter hit a peak not seen since the third quarter of 2000, just after the dotcom and tech stock market bull run, according to benchmarks published by Cambridge Associations. Distributions from venture funds in the first quarter reached USD 7 billion, a 75% increase over the same period a year ago. It was the ninth quarter in a row that distributions exceeded contributions, the research said.


Other notable findings: several vintages of VC and PE funds in North America are outperforming public-stock indexes this year, although not all. The exceptions were the one, three, and five years’ ending March 31, 2014. Venture capital fared better, underperforming public stock indexes only in the five year time horizon. The Cambridge Associates benchmark report is available here.

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