VC Predictions for 2015; Orrick Seed Stage Panel


December 11, 2014

A Forbes journalist scoped a recent Silicon Valley conference, hosted by legal advisory Orrick, and reported the following what’s hotpredictions and what’s not from the VC discussion panel. The early stage venture panellists were Kent Goldman, Founder, Upside Partnership, Ullas Naik, Founder, Streamlined Ventures, Sergio Monsalve, Partner, Norwest Venture Partners, Scott Raney, Partner, Redpoint Ventures and George Zachary, Partner, Charles River Ventures

What’s Hot

Big data and associated SaaS companies (established ones)

Marketplaces – specialized and undeveloped niches

Bitcoin (note that it is also on the “out” list below)

Apps that are “deeply linked”

Education business directly targeting students

Who knows – “Sectors are an illusion. My only algorithm is ‘Would I want to join these people as a founder?’ It’s more than investing your money, it’s investing your life.”

What’s Not


Logistics “A lot of companies think they’re logistics companies, and they’re not. Sorry, Uber imitators.”

Artificial Intelligence

Ad tech



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