World’s Millionaires Are Online More


April 24, 2014

A remarkably high percentage of high net worth individuals are using online platforms for investment and money management extensively, according to a study released by SEI, NPG Wealth Management and Scorpio Partnership. The research, entitled The Futurewealth Report 2014 said that 92% of the world’s wealthy are using digital solutions “extensively”.


The graphic shows some of the activities they undertake, such as portfolio evaluation and market reviews, as well as getting information about stocks and bonds. The context of the survey is an attempt to figure out the factors that enhance wealth management transactions for 3,025 of the world’s wealthy with an average worth of USD2.9 million (47% in Asia Pacific, 34% US, and 17% Europe).


The frequency of online usage, from daily to monthly, varies widely among the survey respondents, with those under 49 using their online accounts the most and for a wider range of information and decision-making purposes.

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